Insurance and Billing
The State of Florida requires that we provide to the patient of our Centers the following disclosures:
A. You may pay less for this procedure or service at another facility or in another health care setting.
B. Services may be provided in this health care facility by the facility as well as by other health care providers that may separately bill you. You will be separately billed for the following:
• Physician fees – from physician performing surgery/procedure
• Anesthesia Fees – from Anesthesia Group providing anesthesia services
• Pathology fees - if any biopsies or specimens were taken
• Drug Fees – if any drugs administered are not covered by your insurance plan
C. You should contact your insurer or health maintenance organization regarding your cost-sharing responsibilities.
D. Patients and prospective patients may request from this facility and other health care providers a more personalized estimate of charges and other information. Patients and prospective patients should contact each health care practitioner who will provide services in the ASC to determine the health insurers and health maintenance organizations with which the health care practitioner participates as a network provider or preferred provider. Associates for Surgical Care participates as a network or preferred provider for Medicare and most insurance plans. You may call the facility to verify participation in your plan.
Uninsured Discount
Patients who are not eligible to receive services paid for by insurance or other third-party payment sources may be eligible to receive an uninsured discount. The discount may be based on a percentage off all charges and is subject to change. If a patient’s services are subsequently found to be covered by insurance or by a third-party payment source, the uninsured discount may not be allowed. Please contact our business office for further information.
Financial Assistance Application Process
Hardship/Charity Discount
Hardship and Charity discount maybe available for financial assistance to patients who are in need of medically necessary care and do not qualify for state or Federal assistance; but are unable to pay the estimated or remaining financial responsibility in part or in full. A patient must meet the policy’s household income qualifications which are based on published Federal Poverty Level Guidelines (revised annually). Submission of supporting documentation is required to validate a patient’s qualifying status. Please contact our business office for further information.